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About Gwinnett County


Habitat helps families break the cycle of poverty and build long-term financial sustainability.

In Gwinnett County, the need for decent and affordable housing has risen dramatically in the almost 3 decades since Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1988. We have seen the cost of construction rise over the years and our County continues to also witness phenomenal, diverse growth of our local population. Gwinnett Habitat's key objective is to build adequate and affordable housing for low-income families in dire need of adequate housing. We are committed to being a key solution in our community for as long as it takes, so children and families no longer have to live in unsafe or substandard conditions.

Research shows that secure housing improves health conditions, children's educational achievement, and strengthens community ties. And because we believe in the power of our local community, our partnerships with businesses, churches, foundations, and volunteers from all walks of life have constructed or renovated over 128 homes, and provided a safer, decent and much improved home environment for over 319 Gwinnett County school children. This is a clear demonstration of how Habitat is putting God's love into action every day by working to eliminate poverty housing and improving the lives of families and children in Gwinnett County with simple, safe and affordable housing.