Solid Ground in Gwinnett

Land is the foundation for life.

Access to land lies at the heart of ending poverty – without land, there can be no housing and housing is the key to stability and opportunity. By using your voice to improve access to safe and secure land, you can help create the foundation for better housing.

As Gwinnett County continues to grow, acquiring land for Gwinnett Habitat's home projects is becoming more challenging. If you are aware of raw land for sale, or houses for sale that are in need of repair, renovation or demolition, we’d love to hear from you!


We are looking for RAW LAND that:

  • Is a buildable lot for a 1,200 – 1,500 square foot house
  • Cost under $40,000 (20% of appraised home value)
  • Is not on a steep grade
  • Does not include special stipulations like four-sided brick, minimum square footage requirements of 1,800+, etc.
  • Is close to and appropriate site for sewer usage (will accept property with septic if soil conditions are appropriate)
  • Could be donated (donor will receive a letter of donation for tax purposes)

We are looking for HOUSES to rehab or demo that:

  • Are 1,200 to 1,600 square feet
  • Cost under $80,000
  • Current owner can convey good title
  • Have been salvaged due to storm damage or fire, foreclosed or are HUD properties
  • Do not contain environmental liabilities (asbestos, lead, radon, etc.)
  • May be found in appropriate neighborhoods/locations such as: Liberty Heights in Doraville, Norris Lake in Snellville, Beaver Ruin Road area close to interstate, Pleasant Hill Road area, etc.
  • Could be donated (donor will receive a letter of donation for tax purposes)


If you know or are aware of such properties or would like to speak to us about the sale or donation of your property, please contact our Executive Director, Brent Bohanan, at (770) 931-8080, xt. 15 or