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Selection Criteria

Gwinnett Habitat uses three criteria to determine whether or not a family is ready to take part in the home ownership program. The following must be met:


Families often need a home because their current housing isn't viable. It may be overcrowded, too expensive, structurally unsound, or located in a dangerous neighborhood.

Ability To Pay

You must be able to afford a monthly mortgage payment. See the chart below for some guidelines.

Willingness To Partner

Use this space to elaborate on the heading mentioned above. You have just a couple of lines to convince your audience and to prove that you will help them with all their needs. Think, jot down some points, summarize, frame them and post!


Our Process


Within 30 days after the Applicant Orientation Meeting, you must submit a completed application with all of the necessary documentation.

Next, our Family Selection Committee reviews all applications. The process may take up to two months, and we may ask you for additional information.

If you are not selected to continue, we’ll explain our decision. If your circumstances change, you may apply again during the next Selection Cycle. There is no limit to the number of times you may apply.

If you meet our financial qualifications, we’ll schedule a home visit with you and all your household members. Two Habitat representatives will interview you, view your current housing conditions, meet your family, discuss any questions, and review the program requirements.

Once the home visits have been completed, the Selection Committee meets to review the results of the home visits and makes its recommendations to our Board of Directors for final approval of the applicants. This stage may take one to two months, and you’ll be notified by mail of the Board’s decision.

If your application is accepted you’ll attend our New Homeowners' Orientation, sign an official letter of acceptance, review program requirements, and start working on a build site – on your way to a new home!

Homeowner Information

Habitat applicants who meet a minimum set of requirements have the opportunity to not only buy an affordable home, but to join our Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity family. We currently don't have any orientation sessions scheduled, but if you'd like to be sent an email to find out when they open, you can register for the notifications using the button below.

Meet our Homeowners

The Singer Family (#144)
The Mcclam Family (#143)
The Valdez Family (#142)
The Cirino Family (#141)
The Moore Family (#140)