Better Homes, Brighter Futures Campaign

Gwinnett Lights: Campaign Kickoff

Last night, Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity gathered with friends, both new and old, to kickoff the Better Homes, Brighter Futures Campaign. Throughout the evening, guests had their photos taken, enjoyed a coffee and cocktail conversation hour and began to find their seats. As everyone sat down with their dinner, they heard stories from donors, homeowners, and Gwinnett Habitat friends. The evening wrapped up with a pledge of giving and/or serving alongside us for the next three years. In the way only God can do, this room – full of big hearts – committed to raise over $848,000!

What is the Better Homes, Brighter Futures Campaign?

It all began in 1976 when Habitat for Humanity International was founded with one goal in mind: for everyone in the world to have a decent, affordable place to live. Since 1988, Gwinnett Habitat has been working to make this goal a reality locally. There is much to celebrate and much more to accomplish!

Together, Gwinnett County neighborhoods will be transformed by affordable housing, reduced crime, and better educational outcomes.

To help accomplish this, Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity has five goals: to expand two programs, create one new program, and to start a Gwinnett Habitat Land Bank and a Legacy Giving Fund. These programs and initiatives are named as follows: New Construction, A Brush With Kindness, Gwinnett Habitat Land Bank, Neighborhood Revitalization, and The Brighter Futures Fund (Legacy Giving.)

What do each of these goals involve?


Increase the number of affordable homes built each year to a total of 24 new homes over the next three years.


Help 122, low-income, elderly homeowners (many of whom are disabled and/or veterans) by completing home preservation and repair projects over the next three years.

By 2040, one-fifth of Georgians will be age 60 or older, increasing the need for A Brush With Kindness services. These services include affordable home preservation projects such as: weatherization, accessibility modifications, and critical home repairs.


Create a $1.5 million land bank fund. Access to appropriate land has been and continues to be Gwinnett Habitat’s largest obstacle. By setting aside funds for a land bank, land can be purchased quickly, and at the best prices.


Become a Neighborhood Revitalization affiliate. This will help diversify the way affordable housing is provided. Gwinnett Habitat staff will collaborate with neighborhood leaders to examine the needs of the community and determine what resources can be utilized. Through repairs, remodeling and building, Gwinnett Habitat will transform neighborhoods by building stable, lasting communities.


Gwinnett Habitat is establishing long-term financial sustainability to ensure families in Gwinnett have an affordable, decent and safe place to live. The Brighter Futures Fund is a legacy giving opportunity for those who wish to make a planned gift to Gwinnett Habitat. Your Brighter Futures Fund legacy gift will change lives deeply and broadly in our community. This investment will supplement the operational and capital needs for Gwinnett Habitat for generations.

Why is housing such an issue in Gwinnett?

Gwinnett County is the second largest county in Georgia, at almost 1 million residents. In two years, seniors will out number children in Gwinnett, with many unable to afford or physically manage the upkeep of their homes. And for those who can and do work, many are living a house burden. Simply put, those who spend over 30% on their living expenses. In Gwinnett County, at least 89,000 houses are living this burden.

Metro Atlanta is known as an affordable place to live, but housing cost are rising, threatening to erode this competitive advantage. Housing is generally considered affordable if a family spends less than 30% of its income on rent or a mortgage and other housing costs. By that definition, most metro Atlanta neighborhoods are not affordable for families earning less than $50,000 a year.”

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What can I do to help?

We have a very God-sized goal on our hearts of raising $10 million over the next three years. Going into the Gwinnett Lights campaign kickoff event last night, we started with $115,000 and added another $848,000 in just one night alone. In the first month, that puts us at $963,000, almost 1/10th of our goal. If you feel it in your heart to add to this cause and this campaign, we humbly ask you to make a donation online (BrighterFuturesFund) or call our office (770-931-8080) to see the best way to contribute. Donations can be spread out in payments over the next three years.

Other donations needed

We are in need of land, cars, tools, equipment, etc. More details for each of these items can be found on the donate page, or you can call the Gwinnett Habitat office.

Ways to serve

There are many ways to volunteer within the different programs.

  • Volunteers are needed on the build, repair, and revitalization sites.
  • Volunteers are needed at the Gwinnett ReStore.
  • There are various committees available to serve on.
  • Sponsors are needed for house builds or repair projects through business or faith organizations.


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