Local Girl Scout Troop Earns Bronze Badge

Girl Scout Troop 4535 – Norcross Service Unit Receives Bronze Award for Building Birdhouses for Habitat Homeowners

In order for Troop 4535 Girl Scout Juniors to earn their Bronze Award they had to complete a Girl Scout Journey.  They completed the aMuse Journey during their 1st year of Juniors.  Through the aMuse Journey our Scouts learned that “Girls Can do Anything”.  They worked hard on creating a presentation by breaking down stereotypes, and picking role models who lifted you up, versus tearing you down.

After completing their Journey they researched opportunities and chose to work on a project for Habiitat for Humanity.  The girls realized that they could use tools and equipment just as good as any boy/man.  Habitat for Humanity presents birdhouses to new homeowners as gifts.  The scouts built, painted, and then presented 10 birdhouses to Habitat for Humanity for their program.  The girls received donations, material, and assistance for this project through their outreach to their churches, community groups, as well as friends and family members.

Community Support:    Ted Spitler, Christ the King Church Council President, Wood Working

                                           Home Depot, Donated Materials, Tim Trask

                                           Mount Carmel Methodist Church, Norcross, Men’s Club, monetary donation

                                           Dorothy Harff, monetary donation

Leaders:  D’Anne Hilsmier, Marisa Kelley

Scouts: Makena Hilsmier, Shayla Kelley, Sarah Santiago, Emma Fass, Amanda Ramey, Cynthia Grogin, Jaiden Aliff