Meet the New Homeowners : The Biks

The Bik Family

Van Bik is a hard working family man who was looking to gather his family together under one roof. For some time he was a single father left to raise children alone. He has remarried, and he and wife Helleni, and have 2 children which makes them a family of 6. The two oldest children were forced to live with Van’s aunt due to the lack of space in his own apartment.

Van works as a QA Tech at Tyson Foods, Inc.; Helleni previously worked in housekeeping at Omni Hotel in Atlanta.

Van was eager to get his family reunited, and demonstrates a strong commitment to participating and succeeding in the Habitat program: “I believe this is my chance to be able to have affordable, decent and secure home for our family.”

The Bik family has been in their home for over a year now. Van has a lovely garden full of organic vegetables.