The Story of Tipsy Pig

One afternoon, Terry Lee sat down to watch some television, when a Habitat for Humanity commercial came on. He and his wife, Dale, were already active in their church, but they wanted to do more. When he saw this commercial, curiosity came over him and he immediately started to Google Habitat for Humanity. Through his search, he found Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity.

Terry and Dale had been blessed with an amazing BBQ business, Tipsy Pig, in Lilburn. They built it from the ground up, as a dream of Terry’s, with their son and a good smoker. Now, eight years later, they have ten employees and have been voted “Best BBQ in Gwinnett” three years in a row. Carrying this kind of blessing, they wanted to pay it forward.

With the mindset of helping others, sharing their blessing and now Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity resonating with them, Terry reached out to our office. Our needs were simple, we dedicate a home to each family when their build is complete and we needed to feed everyone who attended.

Terry and Dale jumped on this opportunity and now they are a staple at many of our home dedications. Their BBQ is out of this world, everyone is shown appreciation, and the family gets to keep the leftovers. There are so many ways to become a sponsor at Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity, and this is just one of the ways we are blessed by our community.


For more on Tipsy Pig and how they got started, read this article by Gwinnett Magazine.