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You are invited: #143 & #144 Home Dedications

It’s already time for our last two home dedications. The families of these homes have dug in and fulfilled their sweat equity hours, not only by working on their own homes but by supporting each other week in and week out. It has been a joy to watch the progress, we hope you have enjoyed it…

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Benefits of Homeownership are Undeniable

The benefits of homeownership stay the same: Homeownership leads to greater educational achievements. Children of homeowners are significantly more likely to stay in school until age 17 than children of renters… The graduation rate for children of homeowners is 19 percent higher than for renters, and they are twice as likely to acquire some postsecondary…

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When butterflies appear

Tomorrow we are dedicating Gwinnett home #134 in Loganville to Jaime Paige and her four children. Her experience with this build and homeownership is one that will leave your heart full of joy and excitement for their future. After a period of many bad times, including homelessness, Jaime has been able to see the light…

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Meet the New Homeowners : The Biks

The Bik Family Van Bik is a hard working family man who was looking to gather his family together under one roof. For some time he was a single father left to raise children alone. He has remarried, and he and wife Helleni, and have 2 children which makes them a family of 6. The…

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