How natural disasters affect Habitat for Humanity

How natural disasters affect Habitat for Humanity

The U.S. has seen its share of deadly storms this year. There have been volcanos, fires, droughts, tornados, floods, and hurricanes. Hurricanes Florance and Michael ravaged the Southeast, displacing hundreds of families, Walaka wiped a small Hawaiian island off the map, and Willa just hit Mexico last week. Some areas have even recommended people not return, and to start a new life elsewhere because the devastation was so great. We never have the chance to recover before another big disaster hits somewhere else.

How does this effect Habitat for Humanity?

Some of our families, who have already been through hardships, lose their homes. This also brings more applicants with a need for an affordable home to both disaster areas and new places such as Gwinnett County. Many families have already started to relocate to the Atlanta Metro area with plans to start over.


How can I help on the road?

Do you know an RV? The RV Care-A-Vanners is a program run by Habitat for Humanity International, made up of anyone willing to travel by RV, that gets to meet and work with families on their house and help them create a place they can call home.


How can I help in a disaster area?

Once trained as an RV Care-A-Vanner, you can apply for the Disaster Rebuild Team. These teams deploy in the recovery phase of a disaster to assist affiliates as construction leaders during their rebuilding efforts. Many of these assignments also deploy on short notice.

The Disaster Corps is another volunteer opportunity. These volunteers can deploy quickly and effectively when disaster strikes and aid in long-term recovery activities, as well as support disaster planning, mitigation, and preparedness efforts. These volunteers work in unstable environments while maintaining cultural sensitivity, are able to deploy on short notice, demonstrate sharp leadership and organizational skills and have a proactive work ethic. You do not have to have an RV to be a member of the Disaster Corps.

These training sessions only take place every one to two years, but the next one is coming up in April 2019. There is room for 25-30 participants for this training. It will take place April 1-6 in Fort Myers, Florida.


Interested in either of these opportunities?

Apply here:

RV Care-A-Vanner Disaster Rebuild Team Application

Disaster Corps Application


Interested in volunteering and sponsoring projects locally?

We would love to have you join Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity in building, restoring and preserving homes in Gwinnett County. There are many opportunities to get involved.






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